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Heating. Rethought.

With over 10 years of devotion to constant development, we feel confident to say that we are offering an innovative and well established heating solution that can be customized to your particular need. We are offering a 100% energy efficient 12V heating system that ensures not only maximum energy efficiency but safety of installation. I-ECO heating systems use specially designed, ultra wide just 2mm thick, heating strips that cover 80% of your area. These ensure minimal energy consumption and maximum living pleasure. Our solution is 100% designed and produced in EU and installed by certified technicinas which ensures no regular maintenance of the heating system. In fact, we feel so confident in our solution that we provide 20 years warranty on our heating strips.

Our systems are used europe-wide, ranging from bathroom renovations to new constructions, outside terraces, drive ways and gardens to marine vessels, caravans and mobile home units. With our extensive experience we feel confident that i-eco heating solution can be adapted to fit your specific need as well.


  • Unrivaled living pleasure
  • 100% energy efficiency
  • safety of 12V system
  • heat just what you need and when you need it


  • Just 2mm thickness of heating strip
  • 100% customizable
  • Perfect fit for battery powered systems
  • Easy to integrate in production process


  • 20 year warranty on strips
  • No boiler system
  • For driveways, terraces, gardens to stadiums
  • Nearly indestructible heating strips

Addressing the most important heating criteria.

  • Maximum living pleasure

    i-eco heating strips come in a 8-12cm width range (up to 100cm for outdoor) that cover 80% of your heating body (floor, walls). This ensures nearly perfect heat dissipation that provides optimal heating experience. Strips are heated to just 30C to achieve 24C in room.

  • 100% efficiency

    When compared to other heating systems i-eco is a 100% efficient solution. This means that there are no losses of your bought energy through boiler or chimney. In addition to this i-eco can easily control each room separately without any additional cost: heat exactly what you need and just when you need it.

  • Safety

    i-eco systems work on a safe 3-24V low voltage electricity. Heating strips can be, without consequences, drilled or damped.

  • 20 year warranty

    Installation by our qualified technicians ensures you with a heating system that will serve you for times to come. We provide 20 year warranty on heating strips which guarantees 0% worry for you.

    Install and forget.

Details that change perspective.

From consulting to installation and post-purchase care

Free consulting and offer

Fill in the form below to get a customized offer for your particular need. If you have alternative offers please feel free to include them and we will provide you with a comparison offer.

Installation - our worry, your pleasure

With countless installations we provide you with a hassle-free installation process. We take care of the whole process: from design to implementation and coordination with other construction works in your process.

Post installation care

Although system is a set and forget, you can rest assured that we are available for any of your questions or considerations.

Always and free of charge.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Why is your product called »i-eco«?

We are a firm believer that future lies in highly adaptable, renewable resource powered heating solutions. Only widely practical renewable heating resource comes in a form of electricity, so energy type was a no-brainer for our long term business model.

What type of flooring is suitable for i-eco systems?

Generally all flooring is suitable, but just like with any other floor heating system, consult reseller or manufacturer about any concerns.

Why do you believe that floor heating provides best living comfort?

  • Heating your legs is a beneficial experience for your health and comfort. Due to biggest floor coverage of our strips, we are confident to say that our solution has lowest possible temperature profile. This as a consequence eliminates any areas which would be overheated. Temperature at head height is about 2C lower than at feet height, which provides additional living pleasure.
  • Floor heating does not circulate air, so dust movement due to heating factor is minimized.
  • The only economic solution that enables actually room temperature control in a very easy way.
  • No noise or odors.
  • Heating bodies play no role in your furniture placement.

Is it better to place heating strips under of over screed?

One or the other: when strips are placed under screed it takes longer for floor to heat up, but the warmth is also kept for longer when you stop heating. If placed over screed the opposite goes: floors are heated up faster, but they are also cooled down faster.

What if electricity runs out?

This happens very unfrequently and usually for a very short period of time. Keep note, if electricity runs out also any boilers stop working. The only solution in this case is heating with fireplace.

Can I install heating strips myself?

No, heating strips can be installed only by authorized personnel.

What happens if, by mistake, heating strip is drilled (or nailed)?

Nothing, the system continues to operate normally. Keep note: if you cut more than 50% width of your strip an inspection by authorized personnel is recommended.

Can heating strips be placed in water?

Of course, but only by authorized personnel.

Can heating strips be placed on damp floors?

Again of course, but only by authorized personnel.

Is it possible to connect i-eco heating system to alternative energy sources?

Yes – i-eco heating system is one of the easiest and most energy efficient systems to be connected to alternative sources.

Wonder how much it would cost to install and how much you would spend monthly?

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